Sometimes You Just Need To Find A Doctor

Male Doctor Talking with Patient

Yes. Sometimes you just need a doctor to sort it all out. And if you’re a self-helper like me, you may not be in regular touch with a member of the medical profession.

Of course if it’s a real emergency, the hospital emergency room is the place to go. Costly…but the right answer, anyway.

If the problem is pretty bad, but not an actual emergency, you could find a doctor at a nearby Urgent Care center. It’s not as expensive, and they can get you in pretty quickly – as long as they’re open. Some are 24/7 facilities, but not all.

For something that’s been bugging you for a while that you can’t quite isolate yourself with your Internet research, you could try the guy you last saw three years ago. Many doctor’s offices are booked several weeks ahead, however. And there will be a hefty office visit fee to pay. So if you want to see anybody soon, well…

I think I’ve found an interesting alternative. Try the Internet.

There are a number of Internet sites that offer physician consultations any time you care to call – 24/7. Most of them offer a low priced subscription to their group. In depth consultations are offered for an additional, but nominal fee. Some offer a one shot deal, too.

These Internet guys are experienced, board certified and licensed practitioners in the United States. But they are not for emergency care. They include specialists in many areas including Pediatrics and they can prescribe many medications, but not controlled substances.

So, if you need to find a doctor for consultation right now, the Internet is probably the fastest and least expensive way to go.