Quick Cold and Flu Cure

You may have heard that if you medicate it, it takes 7 days to get over the ‘flu’; and if you don’t, it takes a whole week! However, I’ve found that if you use my favorite herbal-based remedy, it will probably be gone in 2 days!

I don’t ‘do’ colds well. As a matter of fact, I seldom get them. But when I do, I really suffer! Well about five years ago I could feel one coming on and a friend recommended that I use some Elderberry Syrup to treat it. It sounded like some kind of an ‘old wives’ tale’, but I looked up some information about it and decided to try it out.

What elderberries are good forelderberry clusters

It seems that Elderberries have been in the natural pharmacopeia for centuries. Elderberry bushes grow wild along the roadside near my home in Missouri. In June they have lovely miniature umbrella-shaped flower clusters. These turn into clusters tiny of dark purple berries later in the summer. You can find recipes for using them in making medicinal preparations or for cooking them on the Internet. (They’re also good for jam, jelly, pie, and elderberry wine!)

Medicinally, other parts of the Sambucus negri plant are used for cosmetic treatments, digestive disorders or for sleep, but berry preparations have been used for centuries for respiratory ailments. But that isn’t only an ‘old wives’ tale.’ Now there is recent research confirming that elderberry extract is effective against several strains of flu virus.

Using elderberry syrup for a cold or the flu

A few years ago I learned about Sambucol and decided to try it. The information I got said to take 1 Tbs. a day as a preventative – especially during cold-and-flu season. But it also said that you could increase that to 1 Tbs. every 4-6 hours if you developed symptoms – and they would go away in one or two days.

Well, by the time I got the bottle of Sambucol I had full-blown symptoms: stuffed up head, drippy nose, coughing, and sore throat. So I took a Tbs. of the stuff. At least it soothed my sore throat and calmed down the coughing.

About 4 hours later I took another Tbs. and went to bed. In the morning I still had most of my symptoms, but at least they hadn’t gotten any worse!

I went ahead and took the Sambucol every 4 hours during that day. And the next morning my cold was gone!

Since then, I’ve taken one or two doses whenever I feel a cold starting – and I don’t get a cold. I recommended Sambucol to my sister and my mother and they had the same results. Elderberry Syrup is my solution for a quick cold and flu cure. Go to THE CPH-HEALTH STORE today and make it yours!