Looking For My Best Probiotic Supplement

Red and green picture of bacteriaOK. Wherever you’ve come from with your health – digestive problems, heart conditions, weight loss challenges, or something else – you want some of the great probiotics benefits you’ve been hearing about! You want a good Probiotic Supplement

When I went looking, I found a lot of supplement brands on the market. But it looks as if brand-name isn’t the only difference with probiotic supplements. They aren’t all created equal. Some had more colonies than others. Some had more strains of microorganisms than others. Some had ‘prebiotics’ included. And, of course, some cost more than others.

You can pick many of them up at your local pharmacy or retail store – or you might prefer the convenience of purchasing on line at THE CPH-HEALTH STORE.  But find out here what’s important before you pick the best probiotic supplement for your needs.

More active cultures is better.

To get really effective probiotic benefits, look for a high culture count – that’s the number of “active” or “live” cultures you’re getting. You want one with at least 6 billion active cultures per ‘serving’ for daily maintenance. (The label will tell you how many pills to take at once. That’s what they mean by a ‘serving.’) For advanced digestive and immune support, you may want as much as 200 billion cultures per serving .

Lower culture counts don’t have enough of those ‘good bacteria’ you’re looking for to make a difference. You might as well not waste your money on them.

Make sure you get enough active cultures.

Unfortunately, many probiotics on the shelf will not test to have anywhere near the colony count stated on the package. Look out for the little asterisk after the colony count. Somewhere on the label it is bound to say something like “Colony count at time of manufacture.” If they don’t have a pretty high colony count, these probiotic pills may have very few live bacteria available when you take them at home.

However, you can count much more on a brand whose note says something like ‘guaranteed through expiration.’ Of course, then you have to check out the expiration date on the label – which you should probably be doing anyway!

Another thing –  consider storage requirements. Some brands are stable at room Bacteria list on Complete Probiotics labeltemperature, but others tell you to keep them refrigerated to maintain potency.

More strains of bacteria is better.

It is important that your supplement have a number of strains of probiotic bacteria. Unless you’re only looking for something to help with dairy intolerance, you want to see a couple of Bifidobacteria strains on the list of bacteria as well as several Lactobacillus strains. A good bonus one is Streptococcus thermophiles.

The Lactobacillus work best – and tend to say in – the small intestine. The Bifidobacteria work best – and tend to go on down to – the large intestine or colon. Each strain is a specific helper, so several of each kind will provide a wide range of benefits throughout the entire digestive system.

Prebiotics help.

The Mayo Clinic tells us: “Prebiotics are nondigestible carbohydrates that act as food for probiotics. When probiotics and prebiotics are combined, they form a synbiotic.” They help the friendly colonies get through the acid in your stomach and grow when they get where they are going.

It’s a nice bonus if your brand has a prebiotic in it, too.

Probiotic Brands I’ve Reviewed

Probiotics are available everywhere. Any retail outlet catering to a health-conscious population carries them – lots of them! You run into the same thing at online outlets like Swanson Vitamins and Amazon – they have an astonishing variety of brands – and prices!  I’ve picked out a few to review here for you.

Consumer’s Guides recommends Keybiotics from WholeBodyResearch company. It has a high bacteria count, 14 strains of bacteria, and doesn’t require refrigeration. Order it on line right here by clicking on its picture!

Ultra Probiotic Essentials 30 tabletsBotanic Choice has a product called Ultra Probiotic Essentials.  It has 12.5 billion colony count with both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria strains and a prebiotic. It also has a very competitive price and is readily available at retail stores and here online.

Dr Mercola, a holistic health expert, endorses the Complete Probiotics formula with his name. Ten of the best strains of probiotics are listed on its label. It has a very high colony count (70 billion) so the at time of manufacture warning is not too much of a concern.

New Chapter Vitamins has a natural, organic, whole food focus, and offers Probiotic All Flora. It has 5 Lactobacillus and 3 Bifidobacterium strains as well as S. termophilus with 8 billion count at time of manufacture. Freeze-drying produces a stable product that doesn’t require refrigeration or quickly lose potency.

One-a-day brand’s Trubiotics is proud to guarantee its 1.5 billion bacteria count to expiration, but that isn’t a very high count. It also has only one Lactobacillus and one Bifidobacteria strain. Even at half the price of higher count products, it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Spring Valley Vitamins is a low priced brand found at discount retail stores. Its best Probiotic supplement has 10 strains of bacteria and a minimal 5 billion count at time of manufacture. It appeals to those on a tight budget and may be effective for some, but find something more potent, even if it costs more, if it doesn’t seem to be helping you.

All of these products can be purchased online with convenient home delivery through THE CPH-HEALTH STORE. Choose the best probiotic supplement for you and get some here now!

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A last word

Probiotics are safe for almost everybody. The only probiotics side effects reported are mild gas and bloating which should be relieved by continued use with a healthy diet. However, if you are severely immune-compromised or chronically ill, you should most certainly consult with your primary health practitioner about using probiotics and which is the best Probiotic supplement for a healthy you.