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Common Sense About Using An MSM Supplement For Joint Pain

blue male figure with red spots representing joint pain

Adding an MSM supplement to your regime is the latest craze in the field of joint pain. Here’s a summary of what I’ve found out about Methyl Sulfonyl Methane and what I think is the common sense approach to using it. MSM is a chemical that is found in plants, animals, and people. It can also be […] Read More

Ingrown Toenail Treatment and Fungal Nail Treatment

foot showing fungal nail infection

Nail fungus is unsightly and can be uncomfortable. Your nail may turn yellow or white, get thicker, crumble or split, or even separate from the nail bed. Luckily it is treatable with Antifungal remedies. But not everything people think of as fungal nails are actually caused by a fungus. The ones that are get their […] Read More

   Common Sense Health Blog   Hi, there! I’m Margaret Ida and I’m a real believer in common sense remedies. I see them as simple, effective and inexpensive. But what I’ve found out through the years is that what I think is Common Sense isn’t always so COMMON! And what turns out to be sensible may come […] Read More

Sleep: A common sense cure Part II – How much is enough sleep for me?

If you feel refreshed when you wake up on your own (without an alarm clock), you’ve had ‘enough sleep.’ Your body has been able to do the sleep jobs we learned about in Part I. Now, my Common Sense says that since we’re all individuals – your answer to ‘how much is enough sleep?’ is likely to be […] Read More